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I have a collection of novels in progress right now. There was a time when I believed in working on one book at a time, not dividing my efforts, and keeping with one project until the end before beginning another. I quickly found that I had far too many ideas to keep myself so confined. As it stands, I have seven books in this list. Three of them have been written. Six of them have been outlined. Two are being completely revamped and improved. One is being revised for query.

My genre of choice is contemporary fantasy (sometimes considered “urban fantasy”). All but one of these books falls specifically under that genre. The other is more like a paranormal thriller. This book is likely the only one I will write outside of my preferred genre, but I won’t promise anything.

So, without further delay, here is a list of my books, their genre, and their status.Keep in mind that many of these titles are only working titles and are not actually what I plan on publishing the novel under.

The Martyr Series:

Urban Fantasy
Re-outlining and rewriting

The Apostle’s Fate
Urban Fantasy
Re-outlining and rewriting

Urban Fantasy

A Sinner’s Saint
Urban Fantasy

Stand-Alone Novels

Urban Fantasy

Paranormal Thriller
Revising for Query

The Clockwork Heart

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